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    SCIP reserves a special fund to grant appropriate compensation awards to constructive, productive and supporting projects in SCIP, in an aim to accelerate the construction of utilities and supporting facilities.
  Taxation preferences shall be implemented in accordance with the regulations stipulated by the government.
  Rules on Administrative Approval of SCIP
  To facilitate investment in SCIP, unnecessary approval items and procedures
have been cancelled and the time duration for making an approval
at each link has been remarkably reduced. For example, the time span for
approving the site selection proposal, permit for planning of construction
land and permit for planning of construction works has been reduced from
105 to 20 working days. The time duration for approval at each link has
been reduced by two thirds on the average, and that for the approval of
capital construction has been cut down from 6 months to 2 months.
It only takes 15 working days to establish a foreign-invested enterprise in
SCIP and 8 days to register the increase of the business items and change
of the registered capital. SCIP Administration Commission Economics &
Trade Department is in charge of the setup, change of business scope,
company designation and registered address of the companies in SCIP.

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